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2014 Editorial Calendar

Issue Theme Cover Story Structural Insights Technical Article Awards Resource Guide Show/Bonus Copy
January CONCRETE Health Care Facilities Hollow Structural Sections Self Consolidating Concrete; Special Wall Finishes; Impacts of Cement Substitutes NCSEA Award Winner Anchor Updates World of Concrete
February STRUCTURAL/COLD-FORMED STEEL Cable Structures High Strength Concrete Blast Resistant Construction; Long Span Steel Deck; CFS Header Design NCSEA Award Winner Bridge Guide International Builders Show
March SEISMIC Seismic Retrofit Electronic Submittals Shake Table Testing; Wood Shear Walls; Practical Nonlinear Analysis NCSEA Award Winner Software Updates ACI Spring Convention; AISC/NASCC
April CONCRETE Architectural Precast BIM & CFS Formwork; High Strength Rebar; Rubber Aggregate Concrete NCSEA Award Winner Engineered Wood Products Guide Structures Congress; ACEC Annual Convention
May MASONRY Prestressed Masonry Structural Health Monitoring Multi-wythe Wall Renovation; Rebar Development Length; Timber Connections NCSEA Award Winner Steel & Cold Formed Steel
June TALL BUILDINGS / HIGH RISE West Coast Skyscrapers Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Structural System Variation by Height; Design Considerations for Elevators; Super Tall Buildings NCSEA Award Winner Tall Buildings Guide AIA Conference & Expo; International Bridge Conference
July WIND Petrochemical Facilities Fire Engineering Diaphragm Design; Turbine Towers; Components and Cladding NCSEA Award Winner Concrete Products Guide
August STRUCTURAL/COLD-FORMED STEEL Staggered Truss Framing Post Installed Anchors Connecting to Existing Steel; Steel Deck Attachment; Panelized CFS Construction SEI Award Winner Software Guide
September CONCRETE Tilt Up Steel Plate Shear Walls Concrete Repair Standards; Rapid Cycle Construction; Underwater Concreting; NCSEA Award Winner Anchor Guide PCI Annual Convention and Bridge Conference; NCSEA Annual Conference
STRUCTURE® magazine’s "Trade Show in Print"...a definitive buyer’s guide for the practicing structural engineer
October BRIDGES Accelerated Bridge Construction Sustainable Design Modifying Historic Bridges; Bridge Forensics; Construction Loading NCSEA Award Winner Seismic/Wind Guide ACEC Fall Conference
November STRUCTURAL/COLD-FORMED STEEL Aircraft Hangars Rebar Protective Coatings Frame Stability; Specifying CFS Trusses; IBC vs IRC for Wood NCSEA Award Winner Software Updates Greenbuild International Conference & Expo
December SOILS & FOUNDATIONS Underground Construction Cloud Computing Slabs on Grade; Water Stops & Waterproofing; Complex Grouting Applications 2013 NCSEA Project Awards Announcement Earth Retention Structures Guide
Design Element Design Element

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