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cover_graphicIf you want structural engineers to know about your products or services, STRUCTURE is the vehicle for you. Our targeted market provides you with exceptional value for your advertising dollars. No other magazine reaches more structural engineers!

A joint publication of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of ASCE and the Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE), STRUCTURE communicates with more than 34,000 practicing structural engineers – every member of the leading structural engineering associations in the United States. Add to that complimentary copies sent to detailers, fabricators and other non-engineers, foreign members viewing the magazine on-line, and bonus copies delivered to major shows across the country… STRUCTURE’s circulation is more than 38,000 readers strong!

STRUCTURE is the leading structural engineering publication, and the only magazine with an audience comprised nearly entirely of engineers. No other publication has that credibility!


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2018 Editorial Calendar

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Theme: Concrete
Focus: Post Tensioning
Structural Insights: Design Assist
Resource Guide: Anchor Updates
90% draft submittal due by 9/1


Theme: Steel/Cold-Formed Steel
Focus: Extreme Events
Structural Insights: Rebar Development Length (ACI 318-14)
Resource Guide: Bridge Guide
90% draft submittal due by 10/2


Theme: Wind/Seismic
Focus: Performance-Based Design
Structural Insights: Foreign Engineering Graduates
Resource Guide: Software Updates
90% draft submittal due by 11/1


Theme: Concrete
Focus: Concrete Finishing
Structural Insights: Resiliency and Structural Engineers
Resource Guide: Engineered Wood
Products Guide
90% draft submittal due by 12/1


Theme: Masonry
Focus: Advances in Masonry Construction
Structural Insights: FRP and Wood
Resource Guide: Steel and Cold-Formed
Steel Guide
90% draft submittal due by 1/2



Theme: Tall Buildings/High Rise
Focus: Earthquake Resistant Skyscrapers
Structural Insights: Fire and Bridges (Impact and Design)
Resource Guide: Tall Buildings Guide
90% draft submittal due by 2/1


Theme: Wind/Seismic
Focus: Component and Cladding Design
Structural Insights: Ground Improvement for Heavy Foundations
Resource Guide: Concrete Products Guide
90% draft submittal due by 3/1


Theme: Steel/Cold-Formed Steel
Focus: Steel Systems
Structural Insights: Using BIM in Wood Construction
Resource Guide: Software Guide
90% draft submittal due by 4/2


Theme: Concrete
Focus: Concrete Additives
Structural Insights: Professional Services in an Amazon World
Resource Guide: Anchor Guide
90% draft submittal due by 5/1

STRUCTURE® magazine’s “Trade Show in Print”


Theme: Bridges
Focus: Bridge Preservation
Structural Insights: Building Structure Monitoring
Resource Guide: Seismic/Wind Guide
90% draft submittal due by 6/1


Theme: Steel/Cold-Formed Steel
Focus: Connections and Components
Structural Insights: Rooftop Wind Turbines
Resource Guide: Software Updates
90% draft submittal due by 7/2


Theme: Soils & Foundations
Focus: Soil Improvement Techniques
Structural Insights: ICC Tall Wood 2021 Code Change Proposals
Resource Guide: Earth Retention Structures Guide
90% draft submittal due by 8/1