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cover_graphicIf you want structural engineers to know about your products or services, STRUCTURE is the vehicle for you. Our targeted market provides you with exceptional value for your advertising dollars. No other magazine reaches more structural engineers!

A joint publication of the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA), The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of ASCE and the Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE), STRUCTURE communicates with more than 34,000 practicing structural engineers – every member of the leading structural engineering associations in the United States. Add to that complimentary copies sent to detailers, fabricators and other non-engineers, foreign members viewing the magazine on-line, and bonus copies delivered to major shows across the country… STRUCTURE’s circulation is more than 38,000 readers strong!

STRUCTURE is the leading structural engineering publication, and the only magazine with an audience comprised nearly entirely of engineers. No other publication has that credibility!


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Theme: Concrete
Cover Story: 5 on 2 Podium Structures
Structural Insights: Architectural Engineering and Structural Engineering Degrees – What’s the Difference?
Technical Article: Concrete Permeability; Benefits of BIM Modeling of Rebar; Rubberized Concrete; Tall Tilt-Up
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Anchor Updates
Show/Bonus Copy: International Builders Show; World of Concrete
Special Sections/Advertorials: Foundations


Theme: Steel/Cold-Formed Steel
Cover Story: Retrofit with Buckling Restrained Braces
Structural Insights: Infrastructure Check-In
Technical Article: Fatigue Analysis of Steel (U.S. v. European Codes); Remediation of Construction Deficiencies
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Bridge Guide Firms, Suppliers, Coatings & Software


Theme: Wind/Seismic
Cover Story: Hurricane Design – Wind & Water Loads
Structural Insights: Recent Consideration of PT Shear Head Design
Technical Article: Soft-Story Retrofits; Seismic Performance of Tall Concrete Core Buildings; Seismic Considerations for Stairways
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Software Updates
Show/Bonus Copy: AISC/NAASCC; ACI Spring Convention; EcoBuild Conference
Special Sections/Advertorials: Steel/CFS Products


Theme: Concrete
Cover Story: Structures Post Fire
Structural Insights: Working with the Building Official
Technical Article: Slabs on Metal Deck; Repairing PT Tendons; Controlling Heat on Mass Pours; Concrete Fatigue Analysis; Tilt-Up – Who does What?
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Engineered Wood Products Guide
Show/Bonus Copy: Structures Congress; ACEC Annual Convention; AIA Conference & Expo


Theme: Masonry
Cover Story: Masonry Repair & Retrofit
Structural Insights: Building Longevity Expectations in U.S. Codes
Technical Article: New Ideas for Masonry Shelf Angle Supports; Brick Veneer Façade; Design for Drift
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Steel & Cold Formed Steel


Theme: Tall Buildings/High Rise
Cover Story: Skyscrapers – Race to the Tallest…
Structural Insights: ICC Splicing Rebar
Technical Article: Resilience Based Retrofits – LA; ASCE 7-16; Going Above & Beyond the Code; Peer Review Process for Tall Buildings
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Tall Buildings Guide
Show/Bonus Copy: International Bridge Conference
Special Sections/Advertorials: Tall Buildings


Theme: Wind/Seismic
Cover Story: Resiliency
Structural Insights: Tornadoes
Technical Article: Seismic Design Approaches (U.S. v. Japan); Dealing with Building Irregularities; Demand Critical Welds
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Concrete Products Guide
Special Sections/Advertorials: Seismic/Wind


Theme: Steel/Cold-Formed Steel
Cover Story: Curtain Wall Framing Design Challenges
Structural Insights: Defining “Structural Observation”
Technical Article: Stairways as Structure; Complex Building Renovations
Awards: SEI Award Winner
Resource Guide: Software Guide
Special Sections/Advertorials: Software


Theme: Concrete
Cover Story: Blast Design
Structural Insights: Implications of the Energy Code for Structural Engineers
Technical Article: Cold & Hot Weather Concrete; Industrial Floor Design Options; Exposed Architectural Slabs
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Anchor Guide
Special Sections/Advertorials: NCSEA Summit and Show Issue

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Theme: Bridges
Cover Story: Pedestrian BridgesUrban Development
Structural Insights: Drones for Inspections
Technical Article: Pennsylvania P-3 Rapid Bridge Replacement; International Trade Crossing Bridge (Detroit – Windsor)
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Seismic/Wind Guide
Show/Bonus Copy: NCSEA Engineering Summit; ACEC Fall Conference; ASCE Convention


Theme: Steel/Cold-Formed Steel
Cover Story: Cast Steel Connections
Structural Insights: Pitfalls of Computer Modeling
Technical Article: New Seismic Standard for Cold-Formed Steel; Metal Decks – Design to Reality; Understanding Welding Procedures; Designing Aluminum Structures
Awards: NCSEA Award Winner
Resource Guide: Software Updates
Show/Bonus Copy: Design Build Conference & Expo; Greenbuild International Conference
Special Sections/Advertorials: Concrete


Theme: Soils & Foundations
Cover Story: Seattle Tunnel (Hwy 99)
Structural Insights: ICC Temperature Effects on Adhesive Anchors
Technical Article: Wind Tower Deep Foundations; MSE Retaining Structures; Interpreting a Geo Technical Report; Building Subsidence; Seismic Liquifaction
Awards: 2017 NCSEA Project Awards Announcement
Resource Guide: Earth Retention Structures Guide