Trimble Announces New Tekla Software 2017 Releases

Trimble announces the release of their newest Tekla software 2017 versions. The new Tekla Structures 2017, Tekla Structural Designer 2017 and Tekla Tedds 2017 all provide advanced collaboration and efficiency through user interface enhancements as well as features that promote more productive modeling and design communication. Read about the upgrades to each product below.

Tekla Structures 2017

Tekla Structures 2017 includes many updates and improvements.  Users can now implement a customizable user interface and contextual toolbar across all users of an organization enabling optimized modeling for your team. Enhancements to the Direct Modification and Organizer tools make modeling quicker and easier all while making design communication more effective. New links have also been created to improve interoperability.  Additionally, General Arrangement and detailed drawings also have improved functionalities. Check out these and other updates to Tekla Structures 2017 through the link below! For more detailed, industry specific information updates in Tekla Structures 2017 watch the 2017 Tekla Structures Preview Webinars.

Tekla Structural Designer 2017

The newest version of Tekla Structural Designer, Trimble’s analysis and design solution for structural engineers, provides new tools to revolutionize the design of concrete slabs and foundation systems. For slabs, this includes slab splitting functionality, graphical control of panel patches, the introduction of pass/fail contour diagrams and stud rails for fully automated punching shear design. For foundations, there is now the ability to design piled mat foundations as well as pad footings, strip footings, ground bearing mat foundations and pile caps.  For a full list of the additional enhancements, check out Tekla Structural Designer 2017 through the link below!

Tekla Tedds 2017

The Tekla Tedds calculation library is constantly growing and evolving. In this release, all relevant calculations have been updated in accordance with ACI318-14, IBC 2015, MSJC2013 & NDS 2015. In addition, there have been many scope enhancements to calculations.  Among the updates, the Concrete Column calculation has been enhanced to include much improved interaction diagrams, the Retaining Wall calculation has been updated to allow pinned cantilevers and the Wood Shear Wall Design now enables multi-story design. Learn about all the additional enhancements in Tekla Tedds 2017 through the link below!

* Important Note for Tekla Tedds 2017 and Tekla Structural Designer 2017  – If you are using a server license, please be aware of the downloading requirements found on the installation website before you begin updating to the newest versions of Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds. There are sequential steps that must be followed before downloading the software in order to properly run the newest programs. For more detailed information read the license activation and installation FAQs.

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