About the author  ⁄ Christopher Gamache, P.E.

Christopher Gamache is the Manager of Approvals and Project Engineering / Anchors, for Hilti North America. He is responsible for creating the technical data for the Hilti North American Product Technical Guide, Volume 2, for Anchor Fastening, and publishing external evaluation reports such as ICC-ES ESR’s. He can be reached at christopher.gamache@hilti.com.

The Effects of Base Material Temperature during Installation and In-Service Use

Post-installed adhesive anchor systems have been used for many years for the attachment of threaded rods and reinforcing bars to concrete and other masonry base materials. The code that governs the design of adhesive anchor systems is the American Concrete Institute’s ACI 318-14, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, Chapter 17 “Anchoring to Concrete.” The test reference is ACI 355.4, Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete.

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